About Us

We believe that collaboration is innovation. Our mission is to simplify the way people make things happen, together.

We create, build, and learn together all the time. But to get the basic work done, we’re often forced to juggle and switch between multiple productivity tools and social apps, each bombarding us with endless notifications.

The time has come for a super-simple, yet powerful tool that brings all teamwork in one place – instant, collaborative, relevant, and private. This is exactly what hivve does. We call it Instant Collaborative Messaging.

It is called hivve because we believe in the endless potential of bringing people together. Our vision is to make hivve the largest real-time collaboration hub, where people continuously make things happen, together.

The hivve team combines experience in collaborative technologies, cross-platform multimedia, and mobile engagement. Most importantly, we have an innovative spirit and determination to bring team collaboration to everyone.

Now is the time to hivve!