Channel all your communication (even emails) into real-time, group messaging


Access the essential tools necessary for effective teamwork, project communication, and group decision-making


Join chats and rooms that matter, while easily muting those that don’t


Put knowledge in everyone’s hands. Never again worry about people joining or leaving your group! All discussions and assets are saved to the cloud

Instant collaborative messaging Features

  • Instant group messaging

    Text, photo and video instant messaging

  • Discussion channels

    Every post automatically opens instant discussion and collaboration

  • Cloud based

    All discussions and assets are saved to the cloud. It doesn’t matter if and when users join or leave the group: the knowledge remains in everyone’s hands.

  • Relevant Notifications

    Receive notifications only from conversations you join

  • Mute

    Mute conversations that are no longer relevant

  • Broadcast

    Group Admin can broadcast reminder and alerts as push notifications (and emails) to the entire group

  • Poll

    Engage, stimulate, evaluate and coordinate. Utilize group decision-making, schedule meeting, survey opinions, and stimulate the group with trivia questions

  • Google Drive integration

    Allows the user to bring all relevant google docs to one place

  • File sharing

    From our web application, you’ll be able to upload and share documents, presentations, files and images

  • Group Tasks

    Post tasks and group status reports

  • Edit and remove cards and comments

    Edit or delete the content of cards and comments

  • Breakout Rooms

    Any group member can open a new room, and invite others to join for small, team-based collaboration

  • e-mail integration

    Send email (including attachment) directly to the group

  • Moderation

    Group admin has the ability to remove messages and unwanted users

  • Invite

    Use a 6-digit code to easily invite people to join the group

  • Photo draw

    Communicate and collaborate by drawing directly onto images

  • Available everywhere you go

    Synchronous and persistent on iOs, Android and the web

  • Private and Safe

    Users don’t share phone numbers. Email addresses remain hidden